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That would be a tetralogy. Just sayin'.


@toxinx: I, too, get annoyed when Latin is ignorantly mixed up with Greek. :|


Well then why don't you two complain about it those that released it as "Alien QUADRILOGY". And if the ignorance of those mistaking Latin for Greek is at the top of your pet peeve list then I feel kinda sorry for you.........kinda. Just sayin.

I remember really quick why I stopped coming here for so long.


@greciandelight: Many common words are a hybrid of Greek and Latin (television and automobile are two good examples). What's the big deal?


Alien: Sweet!
Aliens: Awesome!
Alien 3: Uh, okay...?
Alien Resurrection: You've got to be kidding me, Joss
Alien vs. Predator: Good god what is this monstrosity?
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem: KILL ME


@marcusdavidwong just being idiots. People whine and complain about the quadrilogy/tetralogy thing every time this deal comes up. They're f'n lame and need to give it a rest already.


DVD? Really? People still buy those things?


Has anyone else developed an intense disliking towards the sight of Sigourney Weaver?


@sixdolla: I only said I found it annoying. I never said that it was on the top of my pet-peeve list. Glad I could help, though.

@marcusdavidwong: Again, I only said that I found it annoying. Many phobias are also bastardized. If someone creates a hybrid word intentionally, then that's fine. However, words like that are typically modern (cars and TVs weren't around back when ancient Greek and Latin were commonly spoken) and formed out of a hasteful ignorance--with the creator most likely trying to make themselves sound more intelligent. I'm just not a fan of any ignorant actions, really (even if they become popular like coming up with the word automobile or television). If you want to do something, then I'd hope that you'd know a thing or two about it. I also think it'd be stupid for someone to ignorantly form Japanese/Chinese hybrids or Persian/Arabic hybrids because they couldn't make out the difference. If you don't know how to use a language properly, you don't need to use it.


Just saw Prometheus in 3d Imax last night

you should watch the original Alien before going to see it


@sixdolla: We remember how nice it was when you WEREN'T here.
Have a sense of humor. I'm sure Woot will sell you one; only $5 shipping!


@marcusdavidwong: which 2 words are combined here, exactly?


Can't wait for the Box set w/ Prometheus, will it be called a Pentrilogy?


Wow, looks like they've started serving Haterade on deals.woot.

My, how things change...


The Blu-ray version is $39.99 at Best Buy with free shipping.


On second thought, not such a great buy. There are two movies worth having here: Alien and Aliens. The third was bad, and the forth was so awful anyone involved refuses to acknowlege it. So more than 10 bucks each for a DVD of a 30 year old movie? Nope, not a buy.


@sixdolla & @toxinx:

Both of you take it somewhere else. This is a family establishment. And, more importantly, I'm tired of listening to it.