dealsperfect brownie pans, set of 3 for $17.00


Yes, this is perfect for those times when using a knife would be way too complicated.


@fireballtp: You are missing the point. The BEST brownies in a batch are the edges...the ones that get that a bit harder chewy ends...Yum! Using a pan like this makes every brownie an edge cut all the way around making them all perfect!


Do you complain about cupcakes too?


I always like the middles best. My mum would knock me out for the edges though!


He wasn't complainin' he was 'splainin'.


This will not let me sneak more brownie by skimming a quarter inch off the end. Pass.


When they come up with a pan where they're all center pieces, THAT will be the perfect brownie pan.


I've bought 2 sets of these already. I haven't made brownies in them, but I made pumpkin bread and cupcakes and pineapple upside down cake in it. I liked it so much that I gave the second set out as Christmas gifts.


So, stupid question for somebody that's used these: is one pan sufficient for a typical brownie recipe, or do you use all three?