dealskingston 16gb class 4 microsdhc flash card with…


Shipping is $4.99, bringing the total to $10.84


$5 shipping for an SD card? Way to get around the system! Hope the box is at least gold


ARE U FOR REAL? come on woot... try and buy one, or two(that's the limit).
Shipping is 4.99 for one or 9.98 for two... gee couldn't I ship my Great Dane for that price?
Keep putting this kinda sucker stuff up on your website and I'll quit boycotting Scamzon!!!!


I thought laalo was Amazon, that's why it SUCKS.


11$ for a 16G micro SD card over all isn't horrible, BUT I refuse to over pay shipping by that much. At counter USPS cost would be only $2.07 so no thank you


They already found enough fools to sell out