dealseven more $0.99 each amazon 111 amazing classical…


There are a whole bunch of these that are the same price (99 cents) but apparently don't show up at the sale link, you have to search for them.



Chill out:

Reading music:

Study music:

Movie music:

Music of love:

Several reviews point out that there are duplicates, so if you buy any 2 you aren't definitely going to get 222 totally different tracks. But still all solid deals in my opinion.


Does anyone know if playing the sample gives you a much worse quality of sound? Because I hit play on a couple of tracks on the Opera one and it sounds like someone recorded this on their phone while at the opera. Fuzzy with tons of background noise. A buck is still a buck, and I wouldn't pay it if that is what the quality of my download would be...


@rubysoho: I downloaded one of the samples and it was only a 64kbps mp3 file. That accounts for the very poor quality. The actual files that Amazon sells you are 256 kbps. Much better, but not audiophile quality. Helpful?

Also, more albums on sale:

111 Bach:

111 Mozart:

111 Amazing Pieces of Classical Music: