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Something is not right about this. It shows in three different locations 3 different cpu speeds. The stated cpu technology(Cortex-A8) is a single core ARM processor between 600 MHz to 1 GHz in speed. However it shows 2Ghz, 1.5Ghz, and 1.5-1.7Ghz on the websites it is being sold on. A large number of complaints about the cpu speed leads me to believe wikipedia on this and it is a single core (probably 1Ghz) processor.
It also shows up to 128Gb of SD card storage...yeah...right...
Also a few of the 5* ratings appear a bit suspicious. All of the 5*'s call this the Linsay Cosmos...which is no where on the tablet or the listing. They also all call it a "tab". Also they have the same type of "engrish" mistakes.
Be careful people. If something sounds too good to be true...It probably is.


@darcknite: The comments sound like they came from the overseas manufacturer, trying to drum up sales. This only reinforces my believe that most people should stick with top-name tablets, especially if something goes wrong and you need warranty support.

"Why spend around 3000 dollars for samsung or ipad or nexus"

Maybe it can handle a 128 GB card, which you'd need because its internal storage is only 4 GB. And it's only 1024x600? Yuck! Maybe it'll be ok for a child, but an adult used to sharper displays will be extremely disappointed.


LOL, the reviews sound fake, there is NO WAY in hell a cheap tablet like this get almost 5 stars, it would have been more believable if they gave it 3.5 instead.


so far I've only found one off-brand that has a decent tablet, the irulu brand is the only one I've found that's actually worth buying, avoid the other ones.


"LINSAY cosmos ipad & nexus killer" my favorite review personally


wow, those reviews, those comments...bad fake marketing at its best! i mean, sometimes the marketing is used, i use excellent screens all the time. GREATEST REVIEWS EVAR!

(or worst, depends how you look at it.)