dealsdie hard collection widescreen blu-ray for $25.00


@coolphilip04: dang, that's a super fantastic deal. sad i missed it.


These are terrible transfers over to blu-ray specifically 1 and 2, also there is no unrated version for live free or die hard.


@xtrminatr: Thank you for that. I will hold onto my DVD's and let my BD player convert. Keep my $25.
that is the one thing I want in BD reviews on websites, is it better than the old versions.

I know alot of movies that look better on DVD than BD, also some that look better on HDDVD than BD.


I don't own the last two so this is a good deal for me as it is cheaper to buy this set than the last two movies separately on Blu-Ray.


@wickedd365: If you are interested in BD reviews that analyze the quality of the transfer, especially compared to the original DVD releases, you should check out

They have a pretty solid review team and have steered me away from wasting my money on poor transfers before. Hope that helps!


@kopson46: Nice. Thanks man.
I've bought a couple that I kinda regret, but they were dirt cheap.