dealsmicrosoft xbox live 4000 microsoft points…


@trendkill7577: No worries, I'm always looking to find some live points for cheap.


Don't waste your time on the first post. The bonanza link is at least $47 (didn't check shipping) and the Provantage is over $50 with shipping.


@banethejuggalo: That website looks so shady, you can't order online you have to have them call you to place the order. I'd stick with Newegg and not have to worry about where your CC number is going to end up.


Sorry Microsoft. No more spending money on you. i have a PS4 to save up for.


That's a $0.00125 savings per point!


Ya nothing can really rival the Target $10 for 1600 point mistake from last BF. Good thing I scooped 120 of them


@cjpicare: Hold the phone, you spent $1,200 on MS points?


@starmandeluxe: Well I would have too if A) If a target store had that many and B) I knew I could sell them for a nice little profit.


@zapp brannigan: The Crazy Time site uses an odd fraud protection setup, but I and many others I know have used them in the past with no problem.

I'm just a little annoyed that you knocked a website for potentially stealing CC info, when they are quite legit and take Paypal.


@cjpicare: I think you've posted that about 120 times now. $1200 on MS points? Why? Hopefully to sell, but if not, don't admit it.


@magiccheese: Ok, let's say you are able to sell and ship them and still make 5 bucks apiece (I'm being generous), that's a potential profit of $600 for a pretty serious amount of grief (packing and shipping 120 ms points cards to potentially 120 buyers). And if you've got the 1200 to just dump on that kind of gambit, I'm guessing $600 isn't really all that special to you.


@tcanning: Considering each point is usually $0.0125 that's a pretty good discount


@starmandeluxe: I don't want to continue derailing this post, but just to answer the questions: I have 53 cards left. I've kept 15 for myself (11) and gifts (4). I've sold 52 of them for an average of ~$14.80 each. I've passively sold everything via CL and another deals website. I haven't mailed a single card, and done 3 CL face to face sales. It has taken me virtually no effort. I originally planned to sell lots of 10 via eBay, but quickly realized the ease of getting scammed and went the CL route. Most buyers are perfectly content with paying via PayPal gifting and having me e-mail the codes.

Thank you for the attempted criticisms, but I'm pretty sure it's best to keep the discussion on topic. With that said, yes, this isn't the lowest I've seen, but any discount on MS points is worth jumping on due to how rarely they are discounted.


@cjpicare: Probably not the smartest idea in the world to admit on a public forum that you are scamming PayPal.


Well, if we're going to discuss Xbox Live points...

Bing rewards. You do 30 searches a day for 15 "points," which can then be exchanged for Microsoft/Xbox Live points. Unfortunately, it is not one for one. 500 Bing Rewards points yields a 400 Microsoft Point card.

Sure, it takes some mining, but for probably 20-30 seconds of work a day, it's otherwise completely free.