dealsduracell charger w/4aa pre-charged rechargeable…


I have a pack of these and they last a while on a single charge. I put 2 in an Xbox controller and one in each of my two remotes. The individual battery packs are on sale as well and you can get either AA's or AAA's. The charger will charge both. If you buy the charger + a pack of AA's and a pack of AAA's that puts the total over the $25 for free shipping.

Actually it seems as though the AA packs sold directly from Amazon are out of stock at the moment so if you order them it may take a few weeks.

Here are the links:
AA's - $7.79
AAA's - $8.26


it says $17.75 for the price. I don't see anything about a coupon or code.


Looks like the deal is dead already. The charger sold out from Amazon so the one you're seeing is from another seller.