dealsremington mb-200 titanium mustache and beard…


I paid $23.46 for this in Feb. I had a near identical version (earlier model) that lasted for years, and I only replaced it because the rechargeable battery stopped taking a charge and I had to use it while plugged it. It is the best trimmer I've used. The depth is changed by moving the trim guard up and down with a dial, which I like much better than other solutions that have multiple guards that you have to keep up with. If you're in the market for one, I can highly recommend this one.

Of course, the usual caveats apply to Amazon's shipping. Unless you have an Amazon Prime account, you'll need to add enough to your cart to hit the magic $25 minimum to qualify for free super saver shipping.


@flyswatter: It's actually Free Standard Shipping, no minimum order amount needed.

:D Hooray!


I am waiting for the Glock nose hair trimmer/SOG toenail clipper combo.