dealsdummies books, all discounted 50% off.


@cjlin2: Shipping depends on which shipping method you pick and how many books you're picking up. I picked up several (about a dozen) dummies books on this sale and the shipping was $16.24 for UPS ground (or like $15.89 for standard, which I'm willing to bet is media mail)

The more you pick up, the better off you'll be shipping wise. Twelve books for ~$70 shipped and I'm good on gifts for a few people this year!


love the idea - almost got some.
unfortunately they accept neither paypal nor discover : (


Just bought 33 books for a grand total of $108.67 plus $25.67 for shipping.
Came out to $134.34 total making it roughly $4 a book. Amazing deal!


Very nice, picked up 3, had no idea that the Dummies series had quick reference lookup books now!


Tried half a dozen times to buy some. Site makes me register then tells me my registration was unsuccessful because I have entered an invalid email. Checked and rechecked email. It's the same email I've had for years. Tried to send a message to the company but message was rejected for invalid email. Will try one more time tomorrow when the online help is active.


Thanks for the tip. I picked up a ton of Dummies books I've wanted for a while. Terrific pricing for books and shipping.


Finally got my registration problem straightened out and bought 3 books for about $19 -- the price of one in the bookstore.