dealsset of two 8-outlet home theater surge protector…


I have the larger one... I think this is a great deal!


Storms here just blew out my router... I'm in.


$21 + shipping on Amazon for just 1, this is a great deal. And it is an awesome amount of protection for the money, big upgrade from my 90 joule strips I have now.


When you register with their site you get a $3.00 off coupon...

Congratulations! You have a new coupon!
Enter Code: "RegistrationBonus" to get $3.00 OFF on your next order of $9.99 or more between 8/31/2010 and 90 day(s) from issued date!


That is a great deal. Anyone had experience with this site?

Captcha value invalid but we'll register you anyway AND give you a $3 coupon. Then after you buy an item from us, we'll give you ANOTHER $3 coupon. Interesting. If its all legit, nice deal at $10 a piece shipped.


Thank you for posting this! I've been needing a couple new surge protectors for the new house.

@sumduud I've bought from them before, and while shipping wasn't super speedy, everything went well and I ordered from them a few more times.


Just picked these up. Thanks to the OP!