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This item is currently unavailable and will take 2 - 4 weeks before it ships. It IS available for $12.99 directly from Amazon, but since it's currently out of stock, it will not show up as the default. You have to view the list of New condition items and it should be the first one in the list:


Fulfillment for this item is by, and I don't see anything at all about a delay in shipping. In fact, I'm looking at the Amazon page accessed through the "I want one!" button right now (10:46 PM EDT), and it states I can get this DVD delivered on Saturday, June 22, by requesting Saturday delivery.

The link you listed does indeed show a 2-4 week shipping date.

Weird, huh?


@magic cave: If you follow the "I want one!" button, it should bring up an item available from another seller which is available for Prime shipping but at $19.25 rather than the $12.99, which is the price that Amazon, itself sells it at.

If you want to buy it direct from Amazon at the lower price, you'll have to wait for it to become available.


Meh. Amazon is once again late to the party on yet another so-called "deal."

This was $10 last week at Gamestop without the 4-6 week wait.


These are some damn fine games, btw. I've kept my PS/2 around primarily because I still like to dig these out from time-to-time.


This game is only $10 on right now