deals® sidley™ luxura® executive high-back chair…


Bought one of these last time they were on sale for the same price. Overall, for $60 it's worth the price. The only real cons I have for the item are:

-Seat cushion wears thin pretty quick. Recommend using with a separate seat cushion if using for long periods of time.

-The screws that keep the arms on it wear out quickly and have to be tightened frequently. Also the covers for the screw holes are not made to fit perfectly so they constantly fall out with any sort of pressure against the arms.

-You can't lock the chair in a reclining position. You can either set it to be stiff in an upright position or have it free floating to rock in it. No other seat settings.

Those are really the only complaints for the item. You could certainly do worse for more money.


Bought one of these myself awhile back. Gotta say, it's a nice chair for the price. No problems so far.