dealssocom 4 playstation3 game for $34.99 + free…


What makes it even better is that there's some DLC for SOCOM 4 available for free in the Playstation Store right now.


I used to play Socom for hours on end.

Shout out to my old clan, NocturnalKillers (NoC)

and my forever clan: PMS CLAN


Great game and a great price. I highly recommend it.


I'm in for one. Thanks a ton for the post.


Np glad to share. I just got my PS3 so hit me up for some Socom 4 @ TXWhiskeyKing


I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the first two, and this one is missing some elements that I loved (ie. voice commands); however, it's still a solid third-person shooter with a legit campaign. I've yet to have a problem with their servers, either. That's a huge relief when switching over from Black Ops.