dealssennheiser hd 360 pro headphones - stereo, over…


Got these from woot for $55 shipped a month ago. Needed a portable alternative to my Beyerdynamic DT880's that I could throw in my backpack without worrying too much about them. While they are not in the Beyerdynamic class, I am very pleased with them - very clean sound and balanced frequency response. The closed design shuts out external noise reasonably well. They have a solid bass punch, but if you are looking for overemphasized bass (e.g. Beats), these are not for you. They are also very lightweight, fold compactly and come with a decent zippered pouch, so they are easy to carry around. The only complaint some have is they may not fit if you have big ears, but I find them to be very comfortable. I think these compete against most headphones in the under $200 range.

If you buy them, make sure you break them it before evaluating them - right out of the box they sounded a little harsh and bass-deprived, but the sound improved significantly after a week of use.


@thefowles1: must have had something about it that intrigued bothered to comment on it...


WorldWideStereo has them for $64 after coupon outlet at checkout


I also got these on woot for $55 a few weeks ago. The price was good and the sound is good but they are just not that comfortable, to me, the way they are shipped. I've had to try bending the headband, with limited success. The cord is also a little flimsy. Other than that, they were ok for the price.


The deal is good. I got these headphones and I really like it. The quality of the headset is great. I really enjoy using it.