deals4000 xbox 360 live/microsoft points for $40.00…


Hopefully Amazon will price match, but doubtful :(


dunno how you got free shipping, but they wanted to charge me $5 for shipping.


It shows 4.98 shipping and 0.30 tax for me (the card isn't taxed, but the 4.98 shipping is taxable?). It's an online only deal, so I can't skip the shipping by going to the store.


I too was unable to get Free shipping, after that you're only saving a little over $4 - not worth it to me!


I just tried it as well, $4.98 shipping. Kinda sucks, it would have been a good deal if the shipping was covered.


Free shipping probably requires Target Red Card. I have one tied to my checking account, and it gives a 5% discount at checkout (even at the Starbuck's inside Target)..


It's only free shipping if you have and use your Target REDCard. It's free to sign up for one in-store, and you can get a debit card that ties to you checking account.

You also get 5% off all purchases, so this would actually be $38.00 + tax + free shipping.


so i fyou dont have that card, its not free shipping, correct?


In for 4 of them...Thanks OP