dealschipotle! half-priced picnic in a box + theā€¦


@blinkkid187: Qdoba breakfast burritos are awesome. And, since Chipotle doesn't have breakfast, Qdoba wins in that respect.

Therefore, I am calling on Chipotle to start a breakfast burrito program so that they are superior in all respects.


I'm going to try this out. I'm sure I can manage to scarf down 6 of these delectable treats before they go bad. Even though I'm not in CA, I'm hoping they still give me the free pass and that it doesn't expire, since I WILL be in CA exploring multiple state parks next month.

I'll update y'alls with what I find out.


@kikuichimoji: looking forward to your update. I will be traveling to CA sometime in September myself.
+1 for the post, +1 for Chipotle


I loves me some Chipotle, but I wish they had nachos.
(I pour my chips in a bowl and empty out my burrito on top of 'em sometimes, but its just not the same.)


@blinkkid187: Moe's > Chipotle > Qdoba. Period.


@p2002: Looks like it's California only. The manager at my local one hadn't ever heard of the special. Of course, it could be valid and he just didn't know about it.

If anyone else tries this in a state outside of CA, I'd welcome the news.


@gerrware: I have to disagree with you on that one. I've got Moe's and Chipotle where I live currently and I'll take Chipotle over Moe's any day of the week. The only thing Moe's has going for it is the salsa bar, but that's not enough to overcome the fact that the burritos are simply better quality at Chipotle.