dealssonic america's drive-in - small tots for $0.50


Thanks... I marched right down to the cafe in my building and got tater tots for breakfast after seeing this


i love big tots, but, believe it or not, i prefer small tots!


@statictrance: Were they $.50 tots?

Edit: Not hungry now? Save 'em for later!


@bsmith1: Sadly - not 50 cents and likely not as tasty... But being miles from a Sonic, it still got delciously fried chunks of tater in mah belly


no deal. for a dollar fifty more, I'll buy a 2 lb bag and they won't smell like funnel cake when I'm done cooking them at home..


@mkentosh: And they won't be delivered by some kid who hates his job. Been to Sonic twice,only went a second time because I could not belive how bad it was and had to verify that yes it is that bad.


@mkentosh: Wait - you are complaining that they use peanut oil for frying? That's the gold standard for fried potatoes.


No Sonic around here but I discovered the cheese tots at Burger King one day about a month ago and when I went back for more several days later they had been discontinued : (

$1 BK bacon burger is pretty good too, as is the chicken wrap