dealsmacgyver the complete series (dvd) for $55.99


Does it come with a roll of duct tape and a hammer?


@hot72chev: It doesn't need to! You should be able to look around and find your own!


I saw the thumbnail and thought, "NO WAY IS THIS A MACGYVER BOARD GAME?!"

I was disappointed.


@hot72chev: No - an avacado, an icepick and a snorkel.


If you can live without owning the DVD's, all seasons are currently available streaming on Netflix and Hulu plus.


You can play these with a laser pointer, paperclip, copper wire and a top.


@kbsig106: only cuz we don't have a corkscrew.


Somehow paying to watch this show just feels so, I dunno, un-Macgyverish.


A note of caution...

These DVDs are horrible quality. Originally shot on 35mm, then transferred to video for editing..and the 35mm films were not kept. If they were, they could have easily been converted to an HD release..but Paramount is not doing that. I have season one, and it looks so bad on my 42" HDTV.. And that's with an upconverter in between the player and the TV..

If you can see these on Netflix, and they look good..just go with that. Because really, how many times are you going to watch each disc? Maybe someday, they can make these HD...but until then, I stay away..


If you don't own a DVD player you can make one out a water bottle and two bic lighters.