dealssnowball launching crossbow for $24.99


If only I still lived somewhere where it snowed.


Now if only I could get some snow ... I'm worried I may end up mowing my lawn by the end of the month the way this winter is (not) going.


@gt0163c: Me too, and I live in Minnesota.

This has been a really strange winter.


In the product video they use hostess sno-balls to great effect. So snow not required.


Meh, the video shows that the other guy threw it the same distance with less effort.


@chandin: Just gonna say that. I mean sure you don't have to get your hands cold, but if it barely shoots a baked good 50 feet at most, how far would something heavier fly?

Anyone have any video using this with snow? I would love to see how well it really works before purchasing. Might be good for a cubical gun.

Purchase said baked good from vending machine (I bet it would launch Twinkies as well)
Launch at coworkers from a far.


@tsfisch: That may be why these are on sale; nobody (in the US, at least) has enough snow to use one. I heard the lakes in Hennepin County were recently closed off to vehicle traffic due to unsafe ice; that is disheartening that the winter there was that bad this year. I'm supposed to see a lot of snow in an average winter where I live now, but at this rate I suspect I'll be mowing my lawn at the end of February.


perfect to shoot at my 9 year old in the snow


@mkentosh: Just make sure you don't mix this crossbow with the one from the BudK deals.