dealshammermill copy paper (ream) - in store - just…


even if you don't need it yourself, great item to donate to church/school/community centers. Also a great way to monetize your staples rewards. Staples easy rebates are truly easy, just submit online, and get a check in the mail 5 weeks later or recieve your SER via paypal.

Note: They also have free-after-rebate photo paper this week.


Don't forget that if you're a Staples Rewards member, you'll earn 5% back on the $6.99 as well, which should hopefully cover most of the tax.


Is this an instant rebate?
Or, do I have to wait for a check in the mail?


You have to wait for a check. They also do rebates via Paypal, but you have to wait for those too.
You can submit the rebate online; you don't need to mail anything in.


@alanhwoot: Thank you! I saw that "easy Rebate" and thought that was what I got at the register before. I dont go to Staples much.... only once in last year.


I ordered that 2 Lb Folgers for $5 so I may as well get one of these while I'm there to p/u order.


20# paper too thin, don't you think?