deals180 lb camouflage hunting crossbow bow + 4x20…


The Walking Dead taught me that this is the best weapon to use against zombies from a distance thanks to it being quiet when an arrow is shot, it can go through a zombie's head, and the arrow's are reusable. In for 3.


@someoneukno: If you are only getting 3 what are the rest of the members of your group going to use against the zombies?

Can anyone comment on the quality of this crossbow? The picture of the arrows looks like something you would find at the dollar store or some meritline quality chinese company.


Is this one of those less lethal alternatives? Guns are bad, but crossbows with scopes are good?

Btw this seems like a good deal, if I were a bow hunter I'd be in for one atleast.


Please don't waste your money on this thing, generic crossbows are very poor quality in general and I've seen this cheapo going for $79 on Amazon several times. If you want a real crossbow but you don't want to pay $1000+ for an excellent one then I suggest going with the Barnett RC-150. They are $200 and are tried and true, check out reviews of them everywhere.

Also the Barnett RC-150 is a 150lb crossbow yet it cranks out about 20% more FPS than this 180lb one which should tell you something about the quality of engineering on this generic one.


@xzelick: Yeah doesn't appear to be a great deal. This one is going for $98 on amazon right now and Amazons customer service is far superior to some ebay sellers no doubt. Thanks xzelick, I am going to look into that other one.


I don't think this is a great deal. 180 lbs is pretty heavy. I'm not sure I'm going to want to lug that around the woods hunting a deer or bear or whatever. I'm a pretty strong dude but even that seems excessive. Why is it so heavy?


@fivemitz You are kidding, right? 180lb is the tension.


I can feel the tension from here.


@mikeruby2006: I'll say that would cause tension, even hypertension. I'd need to go hunting with a team of asian masseuses to work out the kinks. "Honest honey, they have to go with and help me with my 180 lb weapon!"
And who down-voted me. WTF? Apparently equivocation isn't funny anymore. My bad.


Crossbow, arrows, and optics, all for less than you should spend on optics alone...


Complete waste of money. Only thing this is good for is maiming an animal and/or injuring yourself in the process

Save your pennies, do some research, and buy a quality bow.

Personally I wouldn't consider a Barnett bow, but if it's all you can afford, then so be it. Have heard of various issues up to and including snapped limbs (last thing you want when your face is mere inches away).

I may be biased, but if anyone is seriously looking into getting into xbow hunting, check out Excalibur bows. Amazing quality, tough as nails, superb warranty (if it's ever needed), and you have the ability to maintain it in the field, including replacing the string. Have heard sob stories about ruined hunts when hunters nick/cut their string w/ a broadhead and simply have no choice but to pack it up and find a shop to restring their bow. Can usually find decent deals from various online vendors, or check hunting forums for used bows


Mathews is the only way to go...I own many brands of bows and have tried just about every brand out there at one time or another and Mathews is the best out there...(but then thats just an opinion)