dealsmasterpiece: downton abbey seasons 1, 2 & 3…


I was so excited to see the DA special on tv last Sunday and it turned out to be one big PBS fundraising commercial w/ a few seems from next year ,old clips and a few nondescript interviews. Was disappointed. But yes, I kept watching, addict that I am.
They did offer to donors of a certain level a "gift" of all of season 4 after only the first episode. I think that plan will leak out the plot lines for the season for the rest of us : ( Didn't like that idea.

It was interesting to see the actors w/o their period costumes on. Some look quite different !


I so very much enjoyed this series, it is a classic. The architecture of the buildings, the culture, the clothing!!! And Manners, real live, Manners people had. (big sigh- personal thoughts) **quick ramble skip to next sigh if you don't want to read this: Some times I think we have made great strides in our scientific and areas of art and music, but when it comes to our own culture, the concept of writing an article at an 8th grade level, (what all newspaper articles are written at) the 'always striving to meet the lowest common denominator' has done our country and our people a great injustice. If we are never challenged, how do we grow?(sigh-end of personal thoughts) I LOVED this series, and if you haven't seen it or do not own it already, you're really missing out if you do not take part in this!! :)


I think this is dead. Showing as $57.99 for me. :(