dealsmonoprice 10% off coupon


Wish this coupon had shown up 2 weeks ago! I spent $200 on stuff from monoprice then!


Monoprice is a great website. I bought screen protectors for 4 devices at $.53 each. The quality was pretty good and easy to apply. Almost every cable for your A/V needs. The thing I love is their shipping is very reasonable.


I have been buying cat5e, HDMI cables, and iPhone, iPad cases through them for years. Consistent quality, crazy cheap, fast shipping, and never once an issue.


@dilcue: I also use them for all of my cable needs. I would recommend that you get CAT-6 cable, not CAT-5e. Better specs and nearly the same price.


Just saved a little better than $25 on my order! The timing was perfect as I was going to order this week anyway.


Just another foo here to sing the praises of Monoprice. You will never find better quality for cheaper. I'm a HUGE fan of their headphones. Specifically the big over-the-ear DJ headphones. They are seriously amazing.

They also have some awesome in-ear ones (they even have a gigantic thread dedicated to them on the head-fi forums). The Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earphones. They have an extremely clean sound. I never realized how overly boomy my Sennheiser CX300s are until I tried these things out.

Also, their surge protectors with USB ports are pretty awesome too.


crap and I just placed and order last week...


Just placed an order eastern time. Still works on 7/11!! Thanks!