dealsi am legend [blu-ray] for $6.99 + free shipping


Great movie and good price. If you have or haven't seen it, make sure you check out the alternate ending that some say is better (I tend to agree).


I really don't see the point in owning a movie like this with no replay value. It's typical, very forgettable Hollywood trash with overdone CG. A good scarry gritty flick in this genre (post-apocalyptic, flesh eating zombie horror) was 28 Days Later. Will never forget that one as long as I live.


Eh, I see your point ryanlehn, but more often than not, when I say I'll only watch it once I can't help but watch the whole thing if it's on TV (be it any movie). A lot of it is mood driven. 28 Days Later is a great movie too. It's also different. There are many aspects to I am Legend that are unique to that film (I don't want to go into details for those who haven't seen it). I really love the opening scene with the mustang, it's just cool. I don't know, it's fun and entertaining. JMHO YMMV


I would love to see this book turned into a good movie. There have been at least three movies allegedly based on it, but they all just take the basic premise and go their own ways.


This movie would have been better if they followed the book. The way they changed the ending, they might as well have called it something else. The entire point of the title is the ending in the book. Instead, its now generic vampire movie.


@craigthom: I liked the book overall but honestly, I ended up liking the movie better. That doesn't happen often but there are a few instances where I saw a movie and then eventually got around to reading the original book thinking it must be so much better, as books often are, only to be left kind of wanting more to it.

As far as this version of the books concept, I liked it a lot. It's one of those movies that I get in the mood for, often "post apocalyptic" type movies and can "watch" them in the background over and over again. I might lose any/all credibility but two other movies like that, for me are The Postman and Armageddon :)


@jesterfx: I read the book before this movie cam out. That probably makes the difference.

The book provided the first modernization of the vampire legend since Dracula. Vampire books are everywhere now, but they weren't then.

I recommended reading more Matheson. A lot of his stories have been turned into movies and TV shows, but a lot haven't.