dealsfirst class cigar sampler #14 + herf-a-dor and…


Never had a complaint about CI, I'll always buy there deals cause they make me happy 90% of the time (got a couple of bad cigars but still got a good deal overall)


Pick your poison.

But don't spew your foul smoke anywhere near me.

Oh, and pay for your own health care. The estimated annual health care costs for smoker exceeds that for nonsmokers by 900%.


While there are definitely health risk to cigar smoking, it is lower than cigarettes because one you don't inhale and two, cigar smokers never smoke as smoke as much as cigarette smokers. No study has been done directly on cigars. All the warning say "if you inhale" which cigar smokers don't do. Don't get me wrong. There are risks, but they are lower than cigarettes.


@oscarmaine: You're wrong about "no study" being done. The original Surgeon General's report from the 60's---the one that brought to public attention the risks related to cigarette smoking---also contained results from studies on cigars and pipes. And I seriously doubt no studies have been done since then.

The risks for lung and esophageal cancer may be lower with pipes and cigars, but both have an increased risk of mouth cancer. Also, no matter the source, tobacco smoke increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is what most people should be worried about since it occurs with a higher frequency than lung cancer in the base population.

Should probably mention that I smoke all three, and enjoy them immensely.


@smartheart: Ah yes the "pay for your own health care because you did this to yourself" angle! Did you know that obesity is "associated with at least as much morbidity as poverty, smoking and problem drinking?" Really, we all do different things that change our statistical likelihood of dying, but you don't have to be so elitist and judgmental!

Think about the frequency with which you see cigar smokers before coming here to tell us we are so intolerable that we are not worthy of financial support in regards to health care. You're right, people shouldn't be spewing smoke in your face, and it isn't good for us, but sometimes the stigma of smoking is a bit dehumanizing.

R Sturm and KB Wells. Does obesity contribute as much to morbidity as poverty or smoking? Public Health 2001 115: 229-235. (


$20 is an OK deal for these items. My only reservation is that I've had two of the cigars in this bundle and while they were good, CI often has deals like this with cigars I'm more willing to endorse. If you're interested in the case and any of cigars, then this deal isn't a bad choice.

The Cohiba Red Dot is a nice smooth cigar with a great draw, but it is the same all the way through. It's a fun thing to try if you haven't yet. The Beast is heavier and benefited from a long stay in the humidor.

I took the case to desert for a week and the humidifying element dried out, but the padded, rattle-free container did protect my cigars. For a normal trip the humidifying element could last you at least a couple of days.

Note: If you're thinking of buying this Christmas gift you will want to find a way to keep the cigars humidified. The case won't be good for long term storage as it does have some chemical odors that would affect the cigars after a couple weeks!


@smartheart: Why post? Don't buy it. Most places are non-smoking, so go there. There are plenty of healthy options on the internet, go look at those. Me? I like a cigar occasionally, smoke them only where allowed and have great healthcare that I work hard to pay for. If you don't like the station you are watching, simply turn the channel.


@smartheart: Tobacco taxation is so high, if all smokers were to quit you and your kids (if you reproced) would see such a spike on your healthcare and education. Smokers are heroes as they pay for lots of social programs. We should erect a monument in the honor of "the tobacco Smoker".
Of course you wouldn't know that since you flunked kinder garden when you were 15. We kindly understand your troubles. Here, have a stoggie!. Chupale cabron.


$14 is a decent small deal for the beginer. CI always has great service and best prices. No i dont work for them nither get goodies from them. I have been a customer for many years and they are the best so far. Now excuse me I have todo other shores with my nicotine stained fingers.


@smartheart: I wonder what the costs are for bigmouth cancerous hateful individuals like yourself? why dont you go live in iran where no one smokes..... (;


Decent cigar collection. I've heard some of the recent Gurkha's are hit-and-miss, though.


You need to be 21 to order from them. Even if 18 is the legal age to buy tobacco wherever you are (like it is for me) if you are under 21 you cannot buy from them.


@311pitjr: Not true anymore. Look at what the site says now "At Cigars International we only sell our products to adults who meet the legal age requirement to purchase tobacco products. If you are not of the legal age to purchase tobacco products, please do not enter our site.

For more information on how we age verify, please see "




@krebsie58: Ah, ok. When i tried to place an order earlier today, it told me to enter a birthday that would make me over 21. Just tried again, no such issues. order placed! note, I am of legal age to buy tobacco products, just not 21.


They had a very similar deal last year that I bought with the Herf-a-dor and it is a great little travel humidor that is worth $15 alone. The cigars that come along with it are a great little bonus.