dealsfree dunkin' donuts coffee (in store this time!)


Based on concerns over spam that came up in the other thread, here are a few tips:

First, let me say that I signed up for the other deal linked to in the OP a few weeks ago and so far I haven't gotten a single piece of SPAM due to it. How do I know? See #2

1) Use (at least) two email addresses. Use one for online shopping, website signups or any spammy crap only, never give that address to any friends. Use a second address for friends, never give that address to any business.

2) If you have gmail, you can add "+anything" to your address and still receive the email. Example: If my email address was higgy@ (it's not, BTW), then I could enter higgy+DuncanDonuts@ gmail. Emails are still delivered to me, but I can easily set up a filter to place a label on any email sent to that address and/or have it bypass my inbox as well as track who sells my email address.

3) You can also stop most junk snail-mail. Google for instructions. Do that every year or two to reduce waste.


there's not a dunkin donuts near enough for me to make the trip for a cup of coffee, but I found your comments very informative!


I miss DD. Come to Cali damn it!


I signed up for this, but I didn't see anything saying I was going to be getting free coffee...