dealsmass effect 2 - xbox 360 for $9.99 + free shipping


A good deal, but keep in mind it does not come with the "free" Cerberus Network content.


Beware! EA and Bioware have been adamant that the gameplay choices you make in this one will make "huge" differences in your gameplay and ending to ME3!*

*If you consider "huge" to mean "absolutely nothing at all."

Seriously, go ahead. Be a total d-bag to everyone in the game. Let everyone die. Or, save everyone and be a paragon. It makes no difference. You'll still get the same crap-bag ending as everyone else.

What's your favorite color?


Another ME3 ending hater... I don't get it.. ME3 was like one giant ending.. you got to make loads of choices.


ME1 Ending - You don't get to NOT kill Saren.
ME2 Ending - To blow up or not to blow up ship.

ME3's ending was awesome.


ME3 ending was HORRIBLE!!! if you thought it was great then you must not know games at all...

but this deal looks nice..


Blah blah blah ME3's ending who cares.

This games is LOADS of fun. If you haven't played it yet, please do.


I would say get the PC version. Modding the weapons and armor adds another layer of replay value. Nothing like an M-920 Cain that you can fire every 2 seconds, or a full-auto M-300 Claymore.


For those complaining about the ending of ME3, you can play Mass Effect 2 and be satisfied with the way the game ends and never even play ME3. So if you have not played Mass Effect 2, it stands on its own merit and you should try it.


@chronosquall14: I played through the entire game not realizing what that was until after I finished the game. I'm not sure how valuable the Cerberus Network content extras are. Should I replay it using them?


To me Cerberus Network is not required. Normandy Crash Site is a nice little tribute, but the actual gameplay is just finding hidden dog tags. Firewalker is pretty weak vehicle gameplay; I hated it. Zaeed is an ok squad mate and is the only "real" content (a loyalty mission). Armor and weapons are meh. Overall I'd be hard pressed to say it's worth the $15 asking price, but if you can get the game new for only $5 or $10 more than used it's ok.

As for Mass Effect 2, the game can be summed up in two words: dat ass.