dealsthe walking dead pc digital download for $12.49


Fun, fun, fun game. I bought the season pass when it first came out on the PS3, and I never regretted this purchase. Following a new character (outside of the TV show), you explore more of the world in The Walking Dead. I would highly suggest this product to anyone interested in the show, or those just looking for a good game.


I got this as part of a Telltale Games package on Steam a while ago when there were only 2 chapters out, and it's been an awesome game. I really didn't understand why on IGN it was rated around 5/10 at the start, and then chapter 5 was rated 9.5/10 since it was the last chapter. I thought all the episodes had an original and completely different part of the story than the last, and it's definitely different than the show. For around 10-15 hours of gameplay, this is a good price as is. A good game to play through once or try again for different endings.


My only wish is that I could kill more humans myself in the game. Some people just deserve it. Also it would be nice if I had a little more freedom choosing who to save.


Price shows as $24.99 for me.


Personally i gave the game a big MEH. Lots of pointless walking around, and not challenging at all. If you like the series you might like the game, but it's pretty slow for the "hardcore" gamer.


@blindandcynical: That's because it's an interactive story. It's not a "hardcore game".