dealsamerican tourister fieldbrook 4 pc. luggage set…


With the LINKWOOT coupon code, I'm getting $69.99 + $7.95 shipping. Does not match the advertised deal.


Ditto. The text in the popup box I got:

"We're sorry! The coupon or promotional code you entered may not be combined with another promotional offer or discount. Free Shipping, Percent Savings and Dollar Savings are all considered to be promotional offers.

However, we always want you to be able to use the promotional offer that works best for you.

Below are the details for the promotional code you just entered, as well as the details of the promotional offer you were originally shopping with. Please choose the offer you prefer and continue your checkout.

Option A - The promotional code you just entered (linkwoot) offers the following:
"24 hr Exclusive Woot Sale!"

Your order total with this offer would be:
($69.99 + $7.95 shipping + $0.00 tax)

Option B - The promotional offer you were originally shopping with offers the following:
"20% off most items plus Free Shipping over $49"

Your order total with this offer would be:
($69.99 + $0.00 shipping + $0.00 tax)"


@redridinghood, @gionot: Checking into this. It was working at launch.


Hi everyone - I'm with, and we just realized this error in the offer code. We are adjusting on our end to get this set to $59.99 + Free Shipping, as planned. We will credit all customers who have placed an order today at $69.99 the $10 difference and their shipping expense.


The discount code is not working he was checking two hours ago? Whats up?


I know nothing about this good stuff?


The code is working for me. 11:00 CST


@thedogma: Pretty good reviews at amazon 3.8 / 5


The offer code is working now in the cart - $59.99 + Free Shipping (10 am MST).


This is a nice deal !!! Worked for me.


Anyone know how long this deal is good for ?? Like until 12:01am EST ??? My boyfriend needs luggage and this is a great deal.. : D


@tatterbits: The $59.99 price is a "24 hr Exclusive Woot Sale!" That means it should end at midnight CST tonight. Maybe @fonjox or @thefenst could confirm that?