dealsseagate expansion stbv3000100 external hard drive…


Bought this for $139,99 in September, works like a charm. USB 3.0 is definitely a plus.


@wjolivarez: The pipeline ruptured the provides sili-corn to the chip factory.


USB 3.0 and $40/TB. Yeah, that's a pretty good deal. I can still remember about 2 years ago being told that the tsunami in Asia was the reason HDD's have more than tripled in price. Now it seems prices are starting to get low enough that they can find something else to blame on jacking the prices up. Better get it while you can...


@djrussell: $40/TB - And you're right. Pretty decent deal.


This is as low as these have gotten. $40/GB. Not a great deal but not a bad one.