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It is interesting lately that Playstation has been producing these "collection" editions. While I believe the game is well worth it, as all of the Resistance series games were pretty good, I question who the market is for these collection games? The original Resistance came out close to console release in 2006, with the remainders every few years since. I've got to believe most people have 1 or 2 if not all of them already by now. At a suggested retail price of $39.99 are people paying that much to get the final game they are missing? The bonus content? Just to get the collector disc? Why release repeat content on a system that has been passed by the ps4? Not sure. I think from a sony standpoint it makes sense, as I'm sure its pretty cheap to just roll out another disc or two, but it just seems like a limitted audience, unless the market is for ps4 users to have the whole collection in one place, but I thought it wasn't backwards compatible?


In my instance and I'm only speaking for me, I've traded the first 2 in over time and never played the third so all 3 for that price is a steal. Plus not everyone that owns a ps3 owns a ps4! Makes sense for them to release it for ps4 though since it's not backwards compatible.


@scottybiddleyup: ah yes, with the trade ins, this would be an excellent way to get the content back at a discounted price.