dealstoshiba 3tb canvio desk desktop external hard…


Looks like it went up to $122 with $6 shipping.


@shubyduby: My guess is Amazon pricematched the $109 deal from B&N Photo and promptly sold out their stock. The $122 + shipping item is from a third-party seller.


Now it is at 125 dollars plus shipping, what is this bait & switch????


Confirmed. Back in stock but may take an extra day or two to process.


Does anyone know the quality of this brand? Would it make sense to spend a bit more on a more known brand, or does it not make a difference? Just looking for a recommendation.


I've got 3 toshiba canvio usb 3.0 1TB portable drives right now that are all over a year old and see heavy usage with no concerns or problems. As far as I'm concerned they're right up there next to WD or Seagate. The 3 year warranty makes it a no-brainer.