dealsgame time - january board game sale


There is definitely some decent stuff on there, but for the most part it is the same stock that Tanga has been selling for the last year. At least, what is left is the same old stock. Galaxy Truckers would have been a good grab but that sold out fast.


Does anyone have any other recommendations for the games listed here?
There are a lot which look interesting and I've done some reading on Board Game Geek but was wondering about others experiences/recommendations.


@whitewind: It was there when he posted and gone now-- I opened the deal to buy it this morning and now it says sold out for me. Boo.


@cyberpenguin: @cyberpenguin: I saw Galaxy Trucker on Tanga a few days ago but don't see it today (Jan 20 06:00 Eastern Time). Why'd you bring it up? Was it maybe there when you posted but gone now?


Galaxy Trucker is an awesome family game, and the rulebook is hilarious. Definitely inspired by Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.