deals2 pack mhl micro usb 11pin to hdmi hdtv cableā€¦


Doh... I just ordered two of these from DX last week and they've delayed my order...

Guess I'll order two more while they're cheap - I'm sure I can find a good home for the other two if/when they arrive...


resellerratings give a 1 star (of 5) I'll stay away from them. Was checking their policies and while it sounds promising reviews say they are unresponsive and their site has typos. Guessing an overseas company reselling crap.


@sumduud: 100% Not true. We are located in NY and item is guaranteed to be as adverized or full money back. Its Brand new in retail box and in stock ready to ship. If not satified 100% money back. Check our facebook likes over 10k likes


Taking the chance... despite all the evils of PayPal, I am confident that I will get my $$ back one way or another if they're a dud.


@revschafer: My opinion is stay away from them.

They have an "F" rating with the BBB for the following reasons;
50 complaints filed against business
Failure to respond to 39 complaints filed against business
2 complaints filed against business that were not resolved
Overall complaint history with BBB
Advertising issue(s) found by BBB

There have at least two complaints against them on RipOff Report.

They have a 1.5 star rating on

They also have a number of negative reviews on pissed.consumer.


@wirelessoemshop: From what I have learned about you my opinion is I wouldn't get anything from you even if you paid me to take it.


$6 for one from reputable dealer on Amazon...


@jayhaltom: Here is our review from shopzilla Buy with confidence click on link below Thank you


Here is our review from shopzilla Buy with confidence click on link below Thank you


@jnissel: Here is our review from shopzilla and facebook likes Buy with confidence click on link below Thank you


@wirelessoemshop: Let me know if you REALLY want to compare what I have found out about you and your company against the links you've provided. Let me warn you though...YOU REALLY DON'T WANT TO GO THAT ROUTE! It's up to you though. Let me know.


@wirelessoemshop: Do you have anything that doesn't come from bizrate? I don't trust bizrate as far as I can throw them.


@nmchapma: I agree with you. I would never consider looking on Bizrate for seller ratings.


I would like to request that you stop allowing WirelessOEMshop to post sponsored deals. The reviews for this site are unbelievable. I would also like to ask you to do a little more research before allowing someone like this to post a product on your website. I'm sure they paid good money for this ad but customers will start associating you with these terrible companies if they continue to get ripped off.

@wirelessoemshop: Your business practices are deplorable.

To anyone this guy has ripped off, if he hasn't changed his number again already.



@nmchapma: Let me add a few things as well.

The following is from

Registrant Name: MAZOL AMINOVA
Registrant Organization: AMINOVA, MAZOL
Registrant Street: 1314 46STREET APT F1
Registrant City: BROOKLYN
Registrant State/Province: NY
Registrant Postal Code: 11219
Admin Email:

If you Google the words MAZOL AMINOVA Brooklyn you find out that this person is a nurse. Check this link out to see all of the information;

Would a nurse really have time to do what this person is doing or did someone use this person's info to register the site without her knowledge?


UPDATE: I got em today, and they're testing as legit. I'll let you guys know if they take a s**t, but so far so good.