dealshp laserjet 1012 printer for $48.99


In what fantasy world do you live in where that entry level mono black laser printer costs $500? This thing cost about $200 new. In 2006.

Anybody looking at this should do themselves a favor and pick themselves up a brand new, functionally superior mono laserjet from virtually any other provider for less than a c-note. Most of them have wifi networking built in now.


@kericr: Yeah, I couldn't believe I saw this pop up as a deal, I got this printer used before I went to college 5.5 years ago for $100 with an extra toner cartridge (which I started in on last year). While its a nice printer and I've never had a problem with it, I'm sure there are newer/cheaper/better options out there now.


I have this printer (have had it for many years now).

I love this printer.

I hate HP for not coming out with a driver for Windows 7 for it. You can work around it, but it involves telling Windows it's another model and randomly having to turn it off and back on every few printouts to fake it out. Obviously it will work with Win7 since I can use it most of the time, it's just a royal pain. Can't even tell you the last time I had to replace the toner cartridge, lasts forever (probably why they didn't keep supporting it, not making enough off the toner).