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Not dead yet, just not on the main page. Item is relocated to the "Yours until Gone" section. Link here:

Bonus: Save $5 on any order over $5 with coupon code: SPECIALYUG5
(Expires 2/29/2012)

15 hours 35 minutes left at time of post. Ending at 3:00am PST 3/01/2012


@bpunk88: Yeah, I actually just marked it that way because shortly after I found this:

A cheaper place to get them, and batteries are actually included with it, unlike the yugster one. Thanks for the tip on the code though!


@hagbard : That's a nice site, bookmarked it for later.

With the code above I got the 30mw for 9.95 shipped from the yug. Luckily, I have extra batteries ;)