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Great. Now that stupid theme song is going to be stuck in my head all day. Thanks. Really. Thanks a lot.


@i1patrick: What's wrong? Can't you just dance you cares away? C'mon, save your worries for another day!


@i1patrick: Hahahaha that was my first thought too!


I'd buy this if I didn't already have it. One thing I now enjoy about Henson's work is that it was not just made for kids. You can find things directed pretty obviously toward adults, but in a harmless way. Such references just go over kids' heads until they grow old enough to understand them.

For an example, take this song sung by Henson as the character Cantus:

Music grows in the rose,
Rock and rain and the blowin' snowstorm.
Everything seems to sing
Everywhere I go.

I say one, two, play me do,
Let me sound as sweet as you.
Play me wide, play me long,
Let me be your song.

Lay me down on the ground,
Song comes singin' from the midnight places.
Raise me high in the sky,
Song comes drifting through.


Play me high, play me low,
Play me where the wild wind's blowin'.
Play me wide, play me long,
Play me for your song.