dealsapple iphone 4 8gb verizon smartphone for $84.88…


Or worse yet, gasp, who will want a 3??? I seriously almost bought one today for $11.00 on amazon! Lol


Too bad it is not the 4S which has a SIM tray so you can use it on GSM networks too. Very convenient to have an unlocked GSM phone for international travel.


@zaphod9977: Or you could be on T-Mobile and have an International device in many parts of the world with data and text.

This is good as a back up for Verizon customers but definitely not as a primary device as you can pick up the 6 most likely starting at $199 on contract soon.


$85 is a bit much for an8GB 4 imo. My kids use our old ones as ipods, they work well enough. I dont think I'd want this, even for a backup. But if I was in a bind it might be ok for a bring your own device plan. If you sign up with a contract I think they pay you like $50 to take one of these. ;)


This fall (likely October) Apple will launch iOS8. The iPhone 4 and older models will not run iOS8. Anyone interested in a used iPhone (my daughters both carry unlocked 4S on Tmobile) should go with the 4S or newer. I'll bet there will be a lot of 4S and 5's available once the 6 comes out. On top of that, Verizon made a mistake when they launched the 5 and it shipped unlocked. Every Verizon 5 can be used on any network.