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Rawr put MIR in the title :P. Still a great deal for USB 3.0 if your devices support it. MIR = pain in butt, though, especially one that is like 40% of the original price.


@meh3884: Corsiar is really good about their rebates, as long as you can afford to have your $20 tied up for a little while


Note... $26.99 after mail-in rebate


Bought one of these awhile back. I wear it on a necklace at all times. Shower, sleep, work, whatever. Never have had any problems with it. What do I keep on it? Identification, last will and testament, production material, computer repair toolkit.


I agree with @daviscmd. I recently built a new computer in late November and I sent out about 6 or 7 different rebates to several companies (corsair, asus, xigmatek and zalmann, I think). The Corsair rebate is the only one that I have received so far.

On the other hand, filling out rebates is indeed annoying at best. Still, if I was in the market for a new flash drive, I would definitely go for this, even with the MIR.


$20 for filling out a form is too much work? Heh.


@jaybofma: Note: Welcome to the party, what kept you?


@lotsofgoats: No, but waiting for money is a pain. Also, some rebates have very specific requests or instructions that are ridiculous. The actual price should be somewhere in the middle, that way they get more purchases and users don't have to deal with rebates.


I know have too many USB drives already, but I Can't Hold Back.
I was looking for a rugged drive I didn't have to worry about breaking but now The Search Is Over!

Um... something about the Eye of The Tiger...