dealsnew premium 1 3b gold 6 ft hdmi cable for 1080p…


I have bought three of these from this seller and they are awesome. The price is phenomenal, the product is excellent, and they arrived in just a few days. Since you're already in the neighborhood for a good deal, I suggest checking this out. Even if you don't need an HDMI cable.


Hmmm, this has got to a pass, regardless of how good the service is.. The spec is old. Maybe it's a typo, but it's listed as 1.3b, which was replaced in 2009.

The current version, 1.4 adds the following capabilites, 4K HDTV, 3DTV, Audio Return, and Ethernet sharing.

So for a basic HDMI cable, for a basic HDMI system..this would work. But for a cable that can handle technology available today, regardless of price point(4K is a bit much for most now..), you should get a 1.4 certified cable..and Monoprice always has the best deals on all cables and adpaters, HDMI 1.4 included..


According to CNET these do the same job except 4K and if you can afford 4K why are looking for cheap cables?


@davemeigs5: Because HDMI cables are digital. Digital is a fairly simple concept, it's either on or off, 1's and 0's. Cable quality is overstated. If it has the HDMI certification, it will carry the signal just as well as any other certified cable. Anyone who buys the high-end cables, like Monster or Belkin, just has money to waste. And within a year or two, most HDTV sets will be running the 4K standard. Same as 3D, it just takes a little time for the industry to grab hold, and the price will come down to a more reachable level for most people. 4K will offer the best possible picture for most HDTVs.

According to the HDMI site, the people who actually set the versions and requirements, you would need version 1.4b or greater to pass a 3D signal though. 3D certainly isn't that expensive anymore, and is much more common than when version 1.3 was released.

I'm not saying it's a bad cable, but why for nearly the same price, wouldn't you get the latest reccomended specification?