dealslaptop super sale for $89.99


The link puts up the "deal of the day" pre-owned laptop. (They seem to be 'sold out' quickly)
A better link might be

because it's to the same laptop base, but before they go 'popular.'


The page you linked to doesn't show the constantly-changing daily deals, though. The deal changes frequently, sometimes in a few seconds, and as far as I can tell there's no where else on the website to see these low priced items before or after they appear on the front page.


@doomedtx: sure there is, where I linked is that place.

They are all "daily deals" The price stays the same from that listing to when they are 'featured'

Incidentally, have you tried to snag one of these? I have, it's near impossible. It will always stall then say they are sold out. So... you can forget about the 89-200 deals, those are mostly gone.


@pricecheckaisle5: When I click on that link, the lowest priced laptop shown is $123. Where are all the $99 and $89 deals on that page? I have it sorted by price but those laptops aren't showing up for me on the link you posted.

And no, I haven't snagged one although every once in awhile I find one I could buy if I wanted it.

Edit, #2: just snagged a laptop for $89 so the deals are still live. And I still don't see $89 laptops anywhere on the site except the constantly changing daily deal.


@doomedtx: ok, I concede :)

It appears that firefox was the culprit! Cleared the cache and browsing history from the last few hours and now things are right as rain.

Still though, these deals seem to go all too fast. Must be buyers in Uganda.


@pricecheckaisle5: Or at a US base in the Middle East, where we've been watching the sale almost since it started :-) Two of my friends here have also scored $99 laptops. Sometimes it pays to be on the other side of the world.

protip: stay on the page and keep refreshing it. That way when a product is not sold out you'll get an add to cart button. If you add it the fastest, you get it!