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I very nearly bit - but that rebate looks a bit shaky. It's headline reads "...with Qualifying Buy-down of PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Windows Office, or Tech Bench Service Purchase. I don't know what "buy-down" is supposed to mean (who buys down when buying electronics?) but the mid-sized print says it requires "Proof of purchase of PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Windows office, or Tech Bench Service" These aren't $60-70 items like the drive is and the fine print doesn't say a word about qualifying with just a portable hard drive.


@wooowoot: I saw this on CNET earlier. The "buy down" is that you apparently have to register the AV software that comes with it, and agree to a year of service or something. How much that service is I don't know.


Update: OK, whoa, lots of confusion here. So the rebate in question is on the software, not the drive. And according to the terms on the rebate form, this hard drive wouldn't appear to be a qualifying product. I chatted online with a TigerDirect rep who was unable to clarify this. What's more, although I believe that the software includes a one-year subscription, some users have reported that it costs $80 to activate it. I've found no evidence of this, but the bigger issue is whether the drive qualifies for the rebate. Until I can find out for sure, I recommend steering clear of this deal.

Update No. 2: Sorry, everyone. Not only was this a crazy-confusing deal from the get-go, it's now out of stock. Sorry I didn't look more closely at the rebate, but at first glance it looked like any other.