dealsfitbit one wireless activity plus sleep tracker…


These are amazing!! Incredible tracking. Features all sorts of data. Love it! Love it!
And I paid closer to $99


it's a great deal, but I'm not seeing the price that you're seeing.


@dirtydave0221: I'd recommend anyone interested in buying one to add it to their cart and check the price daily. It's gone up and down all week. Don't know why it's so volatile right now.


Unless the stair tracking feature is interesting to you, spend the extra ~$25 and get the Flex. My wife and I are very happy with ours, and it seems to be reasonably accurate for me, I am definitely losing weight and doing so at a slightly faster pace than I was when I was simply counting calories.


@say592: I heard the sleep monitor was also easier to use than on the Flex. Still looking at both.

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Deal is dead. Back up to $89.


Deal dead? Try Groupon. Just got one from Brookstone with a $50 for $25 groupon, a $15 replacement plan, their $10 sale ($89) plus a $20 off coupon...