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Just a heads up: it was under more buying choices when I looked, and it said, "Usually ships within 2 to 4 weeks" (sold by Amazon). In my experience it is usually sooner.


DEEEEEAD! Also, doesn't look like it ever was free shipping, I believe it was "free super saver shipping" which means that you have to buy more to ship free, or "Free Amazon prime" which means you have to pay to be a member to get "free" shipping.


@councelor: STILL ALIVE!!!!!!

On the right side of the page, see "More buying choices." $9.99 from Amazon is the first option.

And yes, it's either Free Super Saver Shipping or Free Shipping with Prime, exactly what I said in the original post.


GRRR... Why do people insist on putting "free shipping" in the title when it isn't?!
Shipping for this item is only free if you buy other stuff (either additional items or a Prime membership). Thus, it's not free since there are conditions that must be met beyond the purchase of this individual item. Would you put "free shipping" on a $1 item from if it was actually "free shipping on orders over $50"? I hope not.

EDIT: Looks like @councelor feels the same way (although they're not as frustrated with it as I). Good on ya, fellow wooter.


As I've said elsewhere, IMHO, a true bargain hunter should have an Amazon Prime membership anyway. There are just too many pluses to having one....