dealssquare enix gamer's bundle (steam) for $14.99…


Not a bad deal! Too bad I got most of those games during the summer sale :-/


This might be one of the best bundles I've ever seen. Every one of these games is a keeper.


@tsog: looking at the amazon comments they are seperate keys. I didn't see anyone complaining that it was one key for the five.


I don't know how anyone has time to play all these games; I'm still on Borderlands2 (doing Gunzerker this time) but ordered this and will give them a shot.

dgk dgk

@dgk: Seconded. I racked up somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 hours on JC2, and 60 hours on Deus Ex. I don't even want to think about my Mass Effect times...


No one is talking about it, but Sleeping Sogs actually has one of the best storylines of a GTA-style sandbox game. I think it's really worth a look too.


@silentlegend: Wanted to say that, too. Sleeping Dogs alone is worth the price. And I absolutely loved Deus Ex.