dealscolorful led flashing light up shoelaces for $2.99


Damn you meritline!! You keep coming up with cheap crap that I can justify spending money on! This is 2 days in a row now I've bought through them.

Stop coming up with cheap stupid crap I want!


Haha I thought the same thing! I couldn't resist... I bought it. Gah I need to stop keeping money in my PayPal account


@bingo969: same here. This is the 4th or 5th thing I've bought from them in the last month


I'm waiting for meritime to get the Acoustic amplifier for the Iphone. I really want one but i cant see myself spending 20 dollars for a plastic box.


Is it a pair of shoelaces, or for one shoe?


I give up. Meritline, take all my dollars, one at a time.


I want to know if these are actually cool.

vote-for1vote-against China rapidly takes over the world.

Buy American......if you can find it.


Pay double or buy American (if you can find them) - Coupon is all used up!