dealsrubbermaid 40-piece easy find lid food storageā€¦


I totally have the 24 piece set and love it - also if you ever spot the large set from Lok & Lok they're pretty awesome too - the accidentally doubled my order for free so, while I'm not buying this today, I'm totally suggesting everyone else does. They're great!


These are really good storage containers, We've had ours for years. We started buying Lock-in-Lock brand a couple years ago and threw out everything except for these, because they really are sturdy and are good sizes. The lids are the same for a lot of the sizes so it's easier to find a lid. They do fine in the dishwasher too.


...or, get the 2x 20 piece (48 piece) set for $20, which is the slightly opaque version (I prefer them, less scratching--and I don't think the others are BPA free).


@yoooder: All of Rubbermaid's storage containers are BPA free, I looked it up and found it on their website a couple months ago when I buying a juice pitcher and wanted to make sure. So all is safe. :)