dealsstar trek: the next generation season 1 on blu…


$60 per season- just for BluRay?
Think I'll pass and wait for the box set.

Price point SHOULD have been around $40.


Agree with Pete, the box set is overpriced too though. Star Trek has always been historically way overpriced. They need to get with reality and accept that digital media is taking over and physical media prices need to come down accordingly.


I've been wanting TNG in blu-ray for many years. The remastered episodes that came out in January looked amazing. $60 is quite reasonable considering the time and investment needed to remaster these in HD.

In any event, for the whole series to come out HD, we need to vote with our $$$.

Bring on the downvotes!


$60 per season too expensive? Does anyone remember when TNG on DVD cost around $180 per season? ...not that I paid that...yeah...


Looking at Amazon's listing, $60 is $70 OFF the retail of $130 per season!.

Agreed on the $40 price point, but this is Star Trek, not quite as bad as the umpty-billion versions of Star Wars now.

Riker still shot first.


People are complaining about $60 for a fully remastered Blu-ray collection? I think that's a great deal considering the work that has gone into the project. The Blu-rays also come with a massive amount of bonus material. Granted, season 1 isn't the best Trek around but later seasons will be a steal at $60.

Folks should know that the comparatively crummy DVDs retailed for $120+ per season in the early 2000s. I had to wait quite a while to get them used at affordable prices of $25 to $45 per season so I'm ecstatic that the Blu-ray can be found brand new shortly prior to release for $60. I'm thinking iTunes MIGHT get stripped digital seasons for about $60 making physical media with tons of bonuses even better.