dealsprescription eyeglasses with coatings for $4.95…


I wasn't going to bother with customer service over a <$10 pair of glasses, but I contacted them at your urging. It took some debate to get them to offer a replacement pair rather than a 50% discount on another pair. I just placed my fully credited order for a replacement pair. Here's hoping! (I looked back through my email and saw that I had ordered from them before, and I was satisfied with original order. Still, so far I prefer Zenni for speed and quality.)


@centrigma: They will "fix" it by giving you an unimpressive credit towards the FULL, UNDISCOUNTED price of a new pair of frames and lenses.

At least that's what happened to me. When I bought the replacements for the botched pair and they failed a basic inspection too, I went elsewhere without even complaining.


@anng27: Contact customer service, they will fix it.


I ordered glasses from Goggles4U through a recent Woot deal. The lenses aren't fit properly into the frame, which wiggles around them. Unimpressed.


I use a website similar to this one called ZenniOptical and I absolutely love them. I haven't gotten a pair of glasses from the store in about 4 years and I've loved it. I went on the website and it said that it was $9.90 for Woot people, is anyone else getting time?


I have purchased glasses from Goggles4u in the past, and been quite satisfied. It is true that their selection of the least expensive glasses for men seems to be mostly in small and extra small frame sizes. If you have a big ol' punkin head like myself, many of the cheaper frames are pretty flambouyant. That said, if you don't require a large selection you can probably find glasses that you can comfortably wear, and the prices are exceptional.


Small selection for men if you want the $0.00 glasses. Be careful when buying


I've bought over 5 pairs from these folks and been happy with all of them. Unfortunately (for me), their selection of discounted men's frames in larger sizes is very limited. If you have a smaller noggin however, you're in luck.


@willowsnap: To get the advertised price, please select any frame from $0.00 category.


Is the coupon code working for anyone else? -- it isn't for me.
It says that anti-reflective coating (otherwise $4.95) is supposed to be included but the coupon doesn't take that off, it only removes the $2 for the lenses themselves. can this be fixed or is the deal not really as good as advertised...?
thank you!